This program gives qualifying members the opportunity to skip a regular monthly payment on loans they have with IAACU for a $25 fee per loan.


Skip-A-Pay works with:

Auto Loans
Recreational Vehicle Loans
Personal Loans

Hurry! Offer ends December 31, 2015

Payment Skip Request Form

Member Loan Information

$25 fee for each loan selected.

Loans that are paid through payroll deduction will still transfer to the members .1 share savings account and will be available for withdrawal after the $25 fee has been debited from that account.

Bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll deductions will be required to skip all payments for the month chosen or next two consecutive payroll dates.  These funds will be deposited to your primary share savings account. 

Skipped payments will not be processed without an executed agreement and $25 fee payment.


  • Account must be current and in good standing.
  • Loan must have been open a minimum of 12 months from the date of request.
  • Member can have no late payments and no NSF activity for the past 6 consecutive months.
  • 1st mortgage, AGLOC, HELOC, 2nd mortgage, CLOC’s and VISA cards are NOT eligible for this program.
  • Skip-a-Payment request form must be  received by IAACU no later than 3 business days prior to the payment due date.
  • Only 1 payment per loan may be deferred every 12 months.
  • The maximum number of times a payment can be deferred over the life loan is 4.


By signing this form you authorize IAA Credit Union to advance your loan due date by one month and also understand that this will extend the maturity/final payment date of your loan. You agree to pay a $25 fee for this service.  Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid principal balance during the month that you defer payment.  When your loan payment resumes the unpaid, accrued interest will be collected first.  All other terms and conditions of your original loan agreement will remain in effect during this time.

CONSENT TO THE USE ELECTRONIC RECORDS, SIGNATURES AND DISCLOSURES: Underlying law requires that you first consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records before you enter into this account agreement Please [CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THIS AGREEMENT] and read the information carefully.

Electronic Signature