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IAA Credit Union ​has converted to a new processor and ALL CREDIT CARDS have been reissued as EMV chip-enabled!

What you need to know:

All new IAACU credit cards have been issued as chip-enabled Credit Cards. If you did not receive a card or have misplaced it, please contact us during normal business hours and we can order you a replacement.


Please see the FAQ’s ​regarding this conversion to EMV Chip-enabled cards. If you can't find information you're looking for, feel free to call (800-676-2541), email ( or send us a secure message.


General Questions

What is EMV Chip Card conversion?

In early May members should have received a new EMV, chip-enabled, Visa Credit Card.

I did not receive a card, what should I do?

Contact us via normal business hours at 1-800-676-2541 and we can order you a replacement card.

Will the new card have a different card number?

YES! Any recurring or pre-authorized charges you have on the previous card like iTunes, subscriptions, utilities, any merchants, or auto payments will need to be updated to the new card number.

Will you have to activate the new card before use?


When can I use the new card?

You may use it anytime.

Will the previous card still work?

No, the old cards are no longer active.

Why is does it work this way?

IAACU changed credit card processors. During the transition of our cards, you were re-issued a new CHIP card.  The old card on the old processing system will longer be active. 

Will ​my payment due date change? 

On most accounts, YES. Payment due dates for the 24th will now be on the 27th. Due dates on the 19th will now be the 20th. Due dates on the 6th will now be the 7th. Due dates on the 3rd will now be the 4th The only due date that will not change is on the 28th of every month.

What about my IAACU Debit Card?

The processor change for Credit Cards does not affect your Debit card in any way.  IAACU will be rolling out EMV chip cards for Debit this summer, but they will be issued as cards expire and not re-issued all at once.

Rewards Card Questions

I have a Rewards Card. Did I lose my points at conversion?

No you did not lose your points…BUT because we ​changed to a new processor and a new program the Rewards card will stopped earning points on April 30. The new Rewards card began earning points on May 23.

I’m getting free Bonus Points as a Rewards Cardholder?

YES. Because of the inconvenience of the card switch and point blackout dates, we gave every Rewards cardholder a Bonus 250 points on the new program!

PLEASE NOTE: The points were added to your point total upon conversion and will not show separately on your statement.
 When will my new points show up? The new rewards system has points posting to the rewards website when the statement is produced.  So your old points, bonus points, and any new points will be posted when your statement is produced.

Will I still be able to redeem points at the current rewards site: (

No.  April 30th was the cut-off date to order items on the old website. 

Is there any information available on the new rewards website?

Yes, you can browse the new catalog now (! It is very similar to the existing program, but has additional options that include gift cards and more flexible travel options! Check back here for more updates.

When will the new rewards website be available to use?

​Around June 15th, 2016.