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As a benefit of the Illinois Farm Bureau, IAA Credit Union is happy to provide marketing resources for county managers to utilize in their print/digital materials.  Below are a few different ads, in common sizes, designed to highlight IAA Credit Union as a benefit of Illinois Farm Bureau membership.  Images are free and may be used in any county publication.  Please do not modify the text or graphics on the images since they are designed to meet regulatory and compliance standards.

Don’t see the size you need?  Give us a call or contact us at and we would be happy to customize an image for you.

All images are in .PNG format. Right click the image you want to download and select Save Image As.

Image size 350x645 pixels

IFB-Ads-Portraits-Lincoln IFB-Ads-Portraits-Ford IFB-Ads-Portraits-DPP IAACU_PersFinance_Color_350x645 IAACU_PersFinance_Greyscale_350x645 IAACU_MobileApp_Greyscale_350x645 IAACU_MobileApp_Color_350x645 IAACU_IFBVISA_Greyscale_350x645 IAACU_IFBVISA_Color_350x645

Image size ​440x504 pixels

IFB-Ads-Squares-Lincoln IFB-Ads-Squares-Ford IFB-Ads-Squares-DPP IAACU_MobileApp_Greyscale_440x405 IAACU_PersFinance_Color_440x405 IAACU_MobileApp_Color_440x405 IAACU_IFBVISA_Greyscale_440x405 IAACU_PersFinance_Greyscale_440x405 IAACU_IFBVISA_Color_440x405

Image size ​650x110 pixels

IFB-Ads-Banners-Lincoln IFB-Ads-Banners-Ford IFB-Ads-Banners-DPP IAACU_PersFinance_Color_650x110 IAACU_MobileApp_Greyscale_650x110 IAACU_MobileApp_Color_650x110 IAACU_IFBVISA_Greyscale_650x110 IAACU_IFBVISA_Color_650x110 IAACU_PersFinance_Greyscale_650x110