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You should have received a letter in the mail letting you know that you can lower your rate by taking out a pre-determined advance. Advances must be made in branch or by phone to receive the special rate. Questions? Call Us at 800-676-2541.

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*Advances must be made through the credit union (by phone or in person) in order to qualify for the 1.90% rate. Promotional rates do not apply to any fixed rate portion of a current HELOC. After 12 months your promotional rate will revert back to the current variable rate. 80% and 90% Home Equity Line rates are variable rate based on the prime rate and are subject to change monthly. Offer ends April 30, 2014.

Thinking about doing some major remodeling to your home? Do you have unwanted credit card debt? Need a little help financing your child’s education?  An IAACU home equity loan is tailor-made for these and many other worthwhile purposes.

Our home equity loans are designed to provide you with the ultimate flexibility.  Take advances via check, Online Banking or through one of our three branch locations.  Rates start as low as .25% under prime, and you’ll never pay an annual fee.  In some cases you can even choose an interest only payment option, giving you the freedom to choose your own repayment plan.

**80% and 90% Home Equity Line rates are variable rate based on prime that change monthly. 80% lines are Prime -.25%(Currently 3.000%). 90% lines are Prime + 1.00%(Currently 4.250%).

Our Home Equity Lines offer maximum flexibility and are very inexpensive to open.  We pay for the title work and there are no monthly or annual fees ever!  In most cases, the interest will be tax-deductible.  Consult your tax adviser to be sure.  Proof of homeowner’s insurance is required.
 Equal Housing Lender  IAA Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender.