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Put a little away from each check to earn more.

Special rate of 1.25% APY* on balances up to $3,000 


  • Dividends earned each quarter.
  • Federally insured account protection.
  • Convenience of payroll deduction.

*APY equals Annual Percentage Yield 

A little each paycheck can go a long way...

Christmas target... $500  $1,000  $1,500 
 save each week $12.50  $19.25  $28.85
 save every two weeks  $25.00  $38.47  $62.50

Open a new Christmas Club!


Already have a Christmas Club account?  To change your deduction stop by any branch or give us a call at 1-800-676-2541.

I want to establish a Christmas Club Account (same ownership as Primary Savings Account) with the Credit Union. Therefore, I agree as follows: I will not withdraw funds from or close this account until maturity thereof. Once maturity is reached, your funds will be deposited into your Primary Savings Account. This includes funds deposited herewith, regular payroll deduction deposits and all other deposits to this account. I understand that if I withdraw any funds from this account prior to maturity no further interest dividends will accrue and the Credit Union is hereby authorized to assess an early withdrawal penalty of $15 against the principal in the account. If no funds are withdrawn from this account prior to maturity, interest dividends will be credited, in accordance with Credit Union policy, only on the first of each calendar quarter for the duration of the Christmas Club account. Accounts are dispersed first Friday of October each year.

CONSENT TO THE USE ELECTRONIC RECORDS, SIGNATURES AND DISCLOSURES: Underlying law requires that you first consent to the use of electronic signatures and electronic records before you enter into this account agreement Please [REVIEW THIS AGREEMENT] and read the information carefully.
Electronic Signature