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APRIL is our FREE Automated Telephone Teller. It's easy and convenient to use!

Call APRIL to:

  • Transfer funds
  • Check account and loan balances
  • Check account history
  • Request check withdrawals

Just call 800.752.5410 or 309.557.3097

(First time users need to contact IAACU to get access code)

How to access your account through APRIL:

  • Dial 800.752.5410 or 309.557.3097
  • Enter your member number followed by the # sign
  • Enter your access code followed by the # sign
  • Select from these options:
    • Account and loan inquiries, enter 1
    • Payments, transfers, and withdrawals, enter 2
    • New member number and other activities, enter 3
    • Branch hours and locations, enter 4
    • Credit Union assistance during business hours, enter 0