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Share Certificates

Share Certificates are commonly referred to as CDs or Certificates of Deposit at banks. All IAACU Member Shares are federally insured up to at least $250,000.  Learn more about how your money is insured here: Deposit Insurance Information

Share Certificates offer:

  • Flexible Maturities: 6-60 months – Save on YOUR terms!
  • Minimum deposit of just $1000* – It’s easy to start saving!
  • Dividends are compounded daily – Put your money to work!

Jumbo rate quoted upon request, depending upon maturity of the certificate. (minimum $100,000)

*Roth & Traditional IRA Share Certificates minimum $2,000. Youth savings certificates (minimum $500) available to 18 years of age and under only. Education IRA certificates (minimum $500).

Penalties apply for early withdrawal. APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

Here are our featured share certificate rates.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield.

This is not an application for mortgage.  Mortgage prequalification helps to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for a loan and how much home you can afford.  If the qualifications are met for the purchase price and loan terms you have listed you will be presented a pre-approval letter.  If you’re confident in your finances and are ready to apply now, you should complete a full application instead.

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