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Join our Savers Club!

Save for YOUR needs! You decide your goal – and then watch your money grow.

Savers Club Accounts are great for:

  • Building an Emergency Fund
  • A wonderful vacation
  • An enchanting wedding or honeymoon
  • The car of your dreams
  • A down payment for your home-to-be

How does it work?

Tell us what you’re saving for, set up an automatic contribution of your choice^, set a goal date between one and two years from opening date, and watch your savings hit that GOAL!

The goal of this Club is to SAVE; until you hit $1000 there is a $5 penalty for every withdrawal. Once you have saved over $1000, withdraw at any time for free, as long as you don’t dip below that minimum of $1000!

Once you reach your goal date, you will be sent a maturity notice with options to either withdraw the funds, or roll them over to keep saving MORE!

Already have a Club Account? To change your contribution, stop by any branch or give us a call at 800-676-2541.

^Set up payroll deduction or automatic transfers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees apply for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings.

This is not an application for mortgage.  Mortgage prequalification helps to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for a loan and how much home you can afford.  If the qualifications are met for the purchase price and loan terms you have listed you will be presented a pre-approval letter.  If you’re confident in your finances and are ready to apply now, you should complete a full application instead.

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