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Join our Savers Club!

Save for YOUR needs! You decide your goal – and then watch your money grow.

Savers Club Accounts are great for:

  • Building an Emergency Fund
  • A wonderful vacation
  • An enchanting wedding or honeymoon
  • The car of your dreams
  • A down payment for your home-to-be

How does it work?

Tell us what you’re saving for, set up an automatic contribution of your choice^, set a goal date between one and two years from opening date, and watch your savings hit that GOAL!

The goal of this Club is to SAVE; until you hit $1000 there is a $5 penalty for every withdrawal. Once you have saved over $1000, withdraw at any time for free, as long as you don’t dip below that minimum of $1000!

Once you reach your goal date, you will be sent a maturity notice with options to either withdraw the funds, or roll them over to keep saving MORE!

Already have a Club Account? To change your contribution, stop by any branch or give us a call at 800-676-2541.

^Set up payroll deduction or automatic transfers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees apply for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings.