The promotion is now over.

Already have a balance with another credit card?

Simply transfer a balance to an IAACU Visa Card and you'll receive a rate as low as 3.99% APR for 12 months with no balance transfer fees. After the promotional period, your APR will go back to your purchase rate on your card.

We can help you save $500 in the next 12 months. (EXAMPLE)

The national average credit card rate is 14.95% (6/6/2013).
We are assuming you have a $5000 balance and you make a $100 payment each month.

  Amount and interest rate
Pricipal and Interest Totals
Your other credit card
$5,000 @ 14.95%
$486 Principal
$714 Interest
$5,000 @ 3.99%
$1,019 Principal
$181 Interest

Thats a savings of $533!

Cardholders will have up to 12 months, from the date of transaction, to pay off the balance under the lower APR.  Any unpaid balances accumulated under the promotional rate will go back to the original rate that you qualified for in the 13th month from the date of your balance transfer, on your bill date.  Offer ends February 28, 2014.

Current credit card and loan balances with IAACU are not eligible for this promotion and cannot be transferred to the special rate. You must have available credit on your IAACU Visa card for any transfer you request.