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Make saving EASY with an account to save for whatever you need! 

  • Build an Emergency Fund 
  • Take that Dream Vacation 
  • Upcoming Wedding or Honeymoon
  • Down payment on a House or Car

How it Works...

  • You tell us what you’re saving for... Wedding, Vacation, Down Payment, Baby, Emergency, anything you can think of. We help you set up an automatic contribution to hit that GOAL!  You have the choice to take a little out of each paycheck or transfer a set amount every week, two weeks or every month into your account! 
  • Next, tell us when you want it to mature or how long you want to save for! You can pick any date between one and two years away. 
  • The goal of this Club is to get you to SAVE, so until your account exceeds $1,000 there will be a $5 penalty for any withdrawal you take. Once you have more than $1,000, you can take withdrawals without penalty as long as the balance does not dip below that minimum!
  • Once you have reached the chosen date you will receive a maturity notice with options to either take the funds out, or roll it over and continue to SAVE!
Contact Us

Does this sound like the club for you? Fill out the information below and let your saving goal begin! 

Already have a Savers Club account? To change your contribution stop by any branch or give us a call at 800-676-2541