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Online Banking

IAA Credit Union is committed to providing our members with the best fraud-fighting tools to strengthen our defenses and help our members take immediate action against fraud.

Please call 866-563-4006 immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. 

How Our Automated fraud detection System Works

  • A text message and/or pre-recorded voice call may be sent to your mobile device when there is a suspicious transaction(s) identified. Simply reply to the text to confirm whether or not you recognize the transaction(s). If you do not recognize the transaction(s), you will receive a text asking you to call 888-918-7313 for further assistance. There will be a block placed on your card to protect you from further fraud until you call us. If you reply to the text that you recognize the transaction(s), your card will remain available for use.
  • If you do not reply to the text within 30 minutes, a pre-recorded voice call may be attempted to your mobile device and home number listed on your account. If you receive a pre-recorded call, please listen to the prompts provided to review and respond to the validity of each transaction that is presented during the call.
  • An email will also be sent to the address on file to confirm transactions on the account. You can also call us at any time to validate the transactions, or if you have any concerns about the message you received.
  • Please remember that we will never ask for account information, passwords, or other sensitive information via these unsecured channels. Our SMS fraud alerts only require a simple yes (Y) or no (N) reply. If you aren’t certain if the message is authentic, please contact us at 800-676-2541to learn more. 

Update current contact information here


How to update my contact information

Sign into your online banking account, Click the My Settings button at the top of the page. Click Edit in the Contact Information section, enter your new address then click Save. 

Changing your address online only updates your account. Each member must change their address on their own account(s). If there is a minor member associated with your account who does not have online banking set up, call us at 800-676-2541 to update their information. 

Changing your Address on website

Members should be aware that, while IAA Credit Union does monitor fraudulent or suspicious account activity and may proactively contact a member about this activity, we will never call and ask for confidential information such as your entire, card number, account number or PIN. Contact 1-800-676-2541 or [email protected] if you have provided confidential information.

Fraud Alerts

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