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Here's a little info about us.

Chartered in 1951

The IAA Credit Union was formed in 1951 to serve the financial needs of the employees of the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) Family of Companies. This purpose has remained true throughout our history, IAACU exists to build financial relationships to enrich our members’ lives.


Membership eligibility includes employees of the IFB Family of Companies, all IFB members, COUNTRY Financial policyholders, Growmark patrons, and several local employee groups. We also serve the family members and retirees of these groups.

You Own Us!

Credit unions operate as financial cooperatives, so we refer to our 17,000 customers as “members” because they are all owners of this cooperative. Because we have no stockholders, dividends are paid to the members who use our products and services in proportion to their usage instead of a few people who own stock.

Join Us!

It is our goal to give our members an experience that compels them to recommend us. IAA Credit Union benefits include higher interest payments, lower loan rates, and personal service. Best of all, your membership represents a share in ownership. Every person on the IAACU team is focused on serving our member's best interests. We invite you to Join Us Today!

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This is not an application for mortgage.  Mortgage prequalification helps to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for a loan and how much home you can afford.  If the qualifications are met for the purchase price and loan terms you have listed you will be presented a pre-approval letter.  If you’re confident in your finances and are ready to apply now, you should complete a full application instead.

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